Six Branding Basics Web Developers Don’t Want to Miss (Reblogged)

KDE brand map: description of the new KDE bran...

KDE brand map: description of the new KDE brands after the re-branding effort. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Six Branding Basics Web Developers Don’t Want to Miss

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All businesses, big or small, greatly benefit from creating a strong brand. Companies usually want to brand their business websites so customers remember them and think of their goods and services when they need something. A brand identity can be anything like alphabet characters, logos, colors, tagline, font style etc.

A strong brand leaves a mark on the user’s mind. Strong brands always use something as a baseline to promote themselves.  For example:

  • Red Bull (Gives you wings)
  • Mountain Dew (Always energetic)
  • Nike (Just do it)

Branding a business website isn’t always that simple, but there are certain elements that can help you to get on the road to create a successful branding campaign. In this post we will describe how designing a website relates to the basic branding principles.

Express Your Brand’s Personality

To develop your brand’s essence, conduct an analysis internally. Analyze customers, competitors and trends in the industry you are in. How you are perceived? What are you great at? How are you different? What do you do? Is the purpose clear? Why does it matter?

Appearance is usually the first thing that many Web designers think about when the topic of branding comes up. Including features such as: business logo, website design, color scheme, images, fonts, business cards and stationery etc. Obviously, Web designers can provide a lot more assistance to their clients when it comes to appearance.

Provide Quality Content

Your website should keep your audience updated and informed, whether it is news or an update regarding your company. It is important to keep your website up-to-date and fresh. Remember that blog posts are likely to be found at a higher level in the search engine results and are also likely to be shared on social media. So, what you publish on your blog, may be what draws clients to your website. Everything that you publish is a reflection of you and your business. Details like customer service, history, contact info, news etc. can be added to establish trust and transparency between your company and the customer.

Build consistency

Convey your organization is professional and credible. Everything about your website should reinforce your brand. All the details you provide are consistent throughout the website.

Other important website aspects to consider:

  • Is the site functioning properly?
  • Are there any broken links?
  • Are there any grammatical or typographical errors?
  • Is the provided information up-to-date?
  • Do we have browser compatibility issues?

Maintain Experience and Reputation

The usability and functionality of a site contributes to a clear arrangement of information. Make sure there are calls to action (properly placed and visible to the customers), the tagline defines your business identity and logic and your logo is in an appropriate place. All of the details of the site add up and contribute to the overall user experience.

Reputation has to do with how others perceive you. To build a good reputation:

  • Pay attention to your client’s needs.
  • Deliver what you promise.
  • The branding message you are trying to convey should match the way that others think of you.

Use and Reuse of Graphic Visuals

Consistent visuals and layout allows you to reuse more of your content, be it style sheets or images. This means your site will load faster because the user’s browser doesn’t need to download as many things — old images and CSS are already stored in its cache. It also creates signature recognition of the brand and continues to give a feel of consistency.


Uniqueness is one of the major aspects of creating a successful brand. Be prepared to bring new ideas to the table and utilize them effectively. Make your users’ experiences unique by offering a website that is uniquely displayed within the industry, otherwise the interaction will not be memorable. Do not follow others, instead, try to become the trend setter.


Building a strong brand is important for every company as well as for personal websites and blogs. The Web is an excellent platform to build your brand, so it is important not to ignore branding while working on your website. Use all the above techniques mentioned above to make it powerful and effective.

Neha Yusuf is a social and mobile app marketing expert Cygnis Media, a leading application development company in United States, offering iPhone, Facebook and Web applications development services.

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Just How BIG is the Web?

A data visualization of Wikipedia as part of t...

A data visualization of Wikipedia as part of the World Wide Web, demonstrating hyperlinks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just How BIG is the Web?

Are you ready for some big numbers? Well how about this:


Once you pick your digital jaw up off the floor, check out a new infographic from Bloxx that shares more on just how big the Web has become. Some of our favorite highlights include:

– If you downloaded every bit of Web content from your computer, it would take 11 trillion years.

– If you packed 450 2-terabyte storage drives into a single 8’ x 10’ room, you’d need 1,000 drive-packed rooms to equal the estimated “Exabyte” of data on the Web

– The amount of data travelling over the Internet in just three minutes is the digital equivalent of every motion picture ever made in the last 120 years.

“Our ‘Big Web’ infographic shows the dramatic size, and threat, of accessing the more than 700* million Web sites offering some trillion terabytes of data,” said Charles Sweeney, CEO of Bloxx, a Web content filtering and email security company. “Next generation real-time Web content filters that analyze and categorize the content of web pages at the point-of-request, are the only way to stay ahead of the avalanche of new, and often malicious, sites created every day.”


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