Brakes and Accelerators

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like the following?:

  1. “Oh, I can’t ask for that much!”
  2. “That’s too much to hope for!”
  3. “I could never get that much!”
  4. “They’ll never pay me that much!”
  5. “I’ll never get that much in time to pay a bill that size!”
  6. “I’ll never get enough in time to pay all these bills!”
  7. “I’m only looking for…”

Those things, those types of statements are “brakes”.

Brakes are good things to have in our vehicles to keep us from running into real-world walls but, even in the real-world, we can’t always be applying the “brakes” if we hope to get beyond where we are, now.

Yes, using brakes is a sane thing to do but, it becomes an insane thing to do if you do it all the time.   Sometimes we need to stop braking and start accelerating.

And have you ever wondered why the above types of statements are so much more “acceptable” more “natural” than statements like these (accelerators)?:

  1. “Based upon the value I offer, I choose to ask for this much.”
  2. “I choose to believe that’s not too much to hope for so, I’m hoping it will start happening – today”
  3. “I choose to believe that if I tie value into my asking price, I can get that much – and possibly even more”
  4. “I choose to believe if I present my true qualifications, they’ll pay me that much – and possibly even more!”
  5. “I choose to believe that if I do everything within my power today, I’ll be able to pay my biggest bills.”
  6. “I choose to believe that if I use all resources available to me today, I’ll be able to pay all my bills.”
  7. “I choose to ask for a fair price based upon current market value and future market trends.”

The latter statements are not just about mere wishful thinking or daydreaming but, rather, about choosing, acting, value, and asking – some of the most fundamentally important constants for us to focus on in this rapidly changing world.

Though the world has significant problems, there’s never been greater opportunities in human history to embrace this world’s awesome abundance.