10 Places You Don’t Want to Stay When Visiting Israel

American Colony Hotel is located in Jerusalem

American Colony Hotel is located in Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem - fron...

English: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem – front entrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Back view of David Citadel hotel, Jer...

English: Back view of David Citadel hotel, Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(29) Close up of YuYuan Gardens  and old city

(29) Close up of YuYuan Gardens and old city (Photo credit: China Encounters)

10 Places You Don’t Want to Stay When Visiting Israel

When visiting Israel, it’s very important to know where you shouldn’t be staying. Here are a few examples:
david citadel 3
  1. Any place that includes “running water” in its list of amenities
  2. Any inn with a suspicious acronym, like… Hebron American MotelsAnd Suites
  3. A hotel whose website boasts “Complimentary Daily Exterminator Visits”
  4. A motel where the name of the guy at the reception desk is “Lurch”
  1. The Hotel California, Israeli Branch
  2. Motel Seven-And-Three Quarters.
  3. An inn with the motto “King Saul Slept Here … And We Haven’t Changed the Sheets Since”.
  4. Weight-Loss Lodges boasting “34 floors and no elevator” and “enjoy the great outdoors by chopping your own firewood”
  5. Clever sound-alike facilities like “David’s … Dungeon”
  6. Any hotel offering “Five Prayer Services Daily”

Convinced? Great! Now read on for our “take” on three Jerusalem hotels you actually might want to try:

David Citadel Hotel (5 Star – $$$$)

David CitadelNo hotel in Jerusalem quite compares to the luxurious David Citadel Hotel. Located on King David Street in the heart of Jerusalem, the David Citadel’s unique, clever U-shaped structure means more rooms with a great Old City View. The David Citadel is a short walk to both the Old City and the New. It is right across the street from Mamilla Mall – a pedestrian-only mall with a wide selection of shops, galleries, and restaurants, so you can shop till you drop, and not be too far from home when you do!

According to many of our VIP GoInspire groups, the service at the David Citadel is superb. The polite and quick employees are a big part of the hotel’s five star appeal. The hotel offers delightful little touches, like a welcoming snack in your room and a chocolate laid beside your bed during turndown service (and who could turn that down?) So, if you are a discerning traveler who doesn’t like to slide into bed like a letter into an envelope, the David Citadel might be just the place for you.

King Solomon (4 Star – $$$)

King Solomon 4The King Solomon Hotel, also located on King David Street in Jerusalem, offers a location that provides an authentic Israeli experience that is ideal for families, couples, and tour groups. One of its best features is its location: it is only a ten minute walk from Yaffo Gate (one of the entrances to the Old City) and is close to the city’s main historical and cultural attractions.

The hotel rooms are comfortable and clean, and many of the balconies offer panoramic views of the Old City, which is especially beautiful at night. The King Solomon hotel overlooks the most important historical sites of Jerusalem, including the Old City walls, the Tower of David, and the Montefiore Windmill.

Hint from GoInspire: Try to request rooms on the highest available floor facing the Old City, as these rooms will afford you the most magnificent views. (If none are available, don’t fret. Most of the rooms feature beautiful views, including a great one of the Liberty Park.)

King SolomonKing Solomon is just a short distance from the busy downtown area of New Jerusalem, which offers entertainment, many of the best restaurants, fascinating museums, and shopping to your heart’s content. Also close by is the not-so-well known Chutzot Hayotzer, or “Artists Lane”, where art lovers can purchase jewelry, crafts, and works of art directly from the artists themselves. (A little taste of Tzfat…)

Guests at the King Solomon can walk to the Great Synagogue to enjoy this majestic sight and even join in the uplifting prayers of Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday nights. Many of the GoInspire groups stay at this hotel, including the women of JWRP, because of its 3 great pluses: Location, Location, and Location!

Lev Yerushalayim (3 Star – $$)

Lev YerushalayimThe Lev Yerushalayim, located on King George Street in the center of Jerusalem, is perfect for families traveling with kids, for students, or for anyone who’s on a budget and wants great value for their money. Many of our GoInspire student groups stay at this apartment-hotel for its location and easy accessibility. The rooms are all mini-suite style and function as apartments, making them great for groups. Each includes a living room, a small kitchen, bedrooms and a bathroom, and is simply furnished with useful amenities.

Located near Ben Yehuda Street and Rechov Yafo, the Lev Yerushalayim is in a lively and fun area, full of cafes, restaurants, and shops of all kinds. Sometimes you can even catch street performers doing their thing for an appreciative audience. Lev Yerushalayim is walking distance to the historical sites within the Old City, and the Western Wall, as well as the famous Jerusalem shuk, Machane Yehuda.

This apartment-hotel is also convenient to almost every type of transportation. A cab stand and bus stops are just a few steps away from the entrance, and the New Light Rail is just down the street, to help you find your way to important sites like the City of David, Yad Vashem, and the Israeli Museum. (Thank you, Mrs. Mindy Bloom, for your comment on our previous blog about the newly renovated Israeli Museum!)

The Lev Yerushalayim is perhaps most aptly summed up by one reviewer who writes: “This is a 3 star hotel, with a 5 star location and money value.”

What’s your favorite hotel in Jerusalem, or anywhere in Israel? We look forward to your comments! And, remember, hotel reservations are just another travel service that we offer!