LinkedIn Made A Bunch Of New Announcements About Its Mobile Strategy


LinkedIn Made A Bunch Of New Announcements About Its Mobile Strategy

Stephen Darori

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At LinkedIn’s Mobile Day event, the company’s head of mobile product management said that 38% of LinkedIn’s monthly unique visitors come from mobile now and that in some markets that number is as high as 50%. This conflicts comScore’s estimates that 29% of LinkedIn’s audience is mobile.

What’s more, we also learned that LinkedIn users who access the site on mobile anddesktop are 2.5 times more active than those who use desktop only.

LinkedIn hosted the event to announce upgrades to its suite of mobile products, including a redesigned iPad app and a new app called LinkedIn Intro which syncs LinkedIn profiles with the iPhone Mail app. (LinkedIn)

In Other News … 

Facebook recently made a bunch of changes to its analytics product called Insights. Among the changes, the PTAT (or, People Talking About This) metric has been broken down into four different metrics:

  • Page Likes
  • People Engaged
  • Page tags and mentions
  • Page Checkins and other interactions

Facebook marketers seem pleased as the broken down metrics are easier to glean actionable insight from. (SimplyMeasured) 

Mark Zuckerberg was the highest paid CEO in 2012, with total compensation worth more than $2.2 billion.

Google is testing banner ads in search results(Mashable) 

Out of 180,000 tweets referencing Apple’s new iPads, 50% were positive, but only 16% were negative(Fortune)

Wall Street analysts are concerned that Twitter’s relatively small user base will make it more difficult to fend off competitors(Business Insider) 

Yahoo acquired LookFlow, to improve image recognition on Flickr(TheNextWeb)

CISCO launched a news website devoted to the Internet of Things. (CISCO)

The Financial Times broke news on Twitter that Pinterest raised another round of funding at a $3.8 billion valuation. (Financial Times)