★What is it like to visit a Nazi concentration camp? ( Reblogged from Quora)


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Rich Faber, Marketing manager at a large manufacturing company. 56 years old three kids, married 24 years. 

At Auschwitz I was walking down the gravel road towards the Crematoria 1 gas chamber when a man from the UK came up to me with tears in his eyes asked if I would take some acorns with me.  Puzzled, I said ok. When I got to the crematorium I saw oak trees that victims waited under for their turn in the gas chambers. http://www.scrapbookpages.com/Au…  Everywhere you dig your heel in grass you find white ash from the chimneys. I realized that the calcium, sodium and potassium even some carbon of the victims remained in the ashes and those ashes had been taken up by the oak trees for nourishment. Some tiny portion of the victims resided in the acorns. I thought if I could get some acorns out of the camp I would have liberated some of the elements of the victims all these years later. I gathered some up and put them in my pocket. I am not going to say here whether  those acorns made it to the US. I will say that there is a beautiful oak tree in my front yard. I smile at it every day on the way to work. I will occasionally inspect its leaves and even softly talk to it. Later I read victims made tea from the acorns or ate them raw. One said if there had been any grass we would have eaten it, too.

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Stephen Darori



Stephen Darori

I am still crying 40 minutes after you reading your posting ,Rich. I will ask my daughter Kim to bring me an acorn. I too want an acorn tree in Zion. 






Pat Mathieson

What an answer.



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