Rumbula Massacre November 30th to December 8th 1941 – god and Hitler’s The Final Solution


Stephen Darori on Being Jewish

263 of my Family Members from Riga and surrounding areas in Latvia were murdered between November 30th and December 1941 in the Rumbula massacre.Only my Grandmother Freda Shabelstock Baker and her sister Rosa Shabelstok Segal who were both in South Africa survived. 47 died in Auschwitz.On March 19th-29th , my daughter Kim will take part in,”The March of the Living in Poland “. If god was responsible for the Holocaust … all I can say is ,”up yours… !!!! ” ”

The Rumbula Massacre – A Critical Examination of the Facts, Part 1

Thomas Kues

1. The Rumbula Massacre in Mainstream Historiography

Of the individual mass shootings of Jews perpetrated by German special units together with local auxiliary forces in the occupied parts of the Soviet Union and the Baltic countries in 1941–1944, the one at Babi Yar near Kiev on 29–30 September 1941 is undoubtedly the best…

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