Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies (and a few new resources)


Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies (and a few new resources)

Crowdfunding is more than just the latest trend — it’s an increasingly effective way to jumpstart a business with much needed cash. For Entrepreneur’s first-ever Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies listing, we partnered with the Crowdfunding Academy, a crowdfunding-support service, and Babson College to compile the companies whose campaigns raised the most money in the last year.

Check out the full listing below.

No. Name of Company Category Product Funded Amount Funding Platform Founder
and/or CEO
1 Ouya Video Games Open-source game console $8.6 million Kickstarter Julie Uhrman
2 inXile entertainment Video Games Torment: Tides of Numenera, computer game $4.19 million Kickstarter Brian Fargo
3 Obsidian Entertainment Video Games Project Eternity, computer game $3.99 million Kickstarter Feargus Urquhart
4 Reaper Miniatures Games Bones gaming miniatures $3.43 million Kickstarter Ed Pugh
5 Formlabs Technology Form 1, 3-D printer $2.95 million Kickstarter Maxim Lobovsky, David Cranor, Natan Linder
6 Tile Technology Lost-and-found location device $2.68 million Selfstarter Nick Evans, Mike Farley
7 MS Paint Adventures Video Games Homestuck, online game $2.49 million Kickstarter Andrew Hussie
8 Oculus VR Technology Oculus Rift, virtual-reality headset $2.44 million Kickstarter Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe
9 WobbleWorks Hardware 3Doodler, 3-D printing pen $2.34 million Kickstarter Peter Dilworth, Maxwell Bogue
10 Apigy Technology Lockitron, keyless-entry app $2.28 million Selfstarter Cameron Robertson, Paul Gerhardt
11 Cryptozoic Entertainment Video Games Hex, trading-card and online game $2.28 million Kickstarter John Nee, Cory Jones
12 CoolMiniOrNot Tabletop Games Zombicide: Season 2, board game $2.26 million Kickstarter Chern Ann Ng, David Doust
13 City State Entertainment Video Games Camelot Unchained, online game $2.23 million Kickstarter Mark Jacobs, Andrew Meggs
14 Uber Entertainment Video Games Planetary Annihilation, video game $2.23 million Kickstarter Jon Mavor, Bob Berry
15 Cloud Imperium Games Video Games Star Citizen, video game $2.13 million Kickstarter Chris Roberts
16 Kingdom Death Tabletop Games Kingdom Death: Monster, board game $2.05 million Kickstarter Adam Poots
17 Portalarium Video Games Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, video game $1.92 million Kickstarter Richard Garriott, Dallas Snell
18 Dwarven Forge Tabletop Games Game Tiles miniature terrain $1.91 million Kickstarter Stefan Pokorny
19 Palladium Books Tabletop Games Robotech RPG Tactics, battle game $1.44 million Kickstarter Kevin Siembieda
20 Pirate3D Hardware The Buccaneer, 3-D printer $1.44 million Kickstarter Roger Chang
21 Lifx Labs Technology Lifx, Wi-Fi-enabled LED light bulb $1.31 million Kickstarter Phil Bosua
22 Dekko Internet Technology Augmented-reality startup $1.3 million MicroVentures Matt Miesnieks
23 DecisionDesk Technology Application tracking system $1.25 million Fundable John Knific, Marc Plotkin, Eric Neuman
24 Double Fine and 2 Player Productions Video Games Massive Chalice, computer game $1.23 million Kickstarter Tim Schafer (Double Fine); Paul Owens, Paul Levering, Asif Siddiky (2 Player Productions)
25 Mantic Entertainment Tabletop Games Deadzone, sci-fi tabletop miniatures game $1.22 million Kickstarter Ronnie Renton

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