10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Prince of Wales


Have always been agreat Royalist.


When you’ve spent months intensively researching a cover story, it feels like a release to write. I tried to explain this to the Prince of Wales. “I’m looking forward to not thinking about you all the time,” I blurted. But writing brings the fresh pain of making choices, sacrificing fun facts and revealing anecdotes you just can’t squeeze in to your main text.

Here, rescued from the metaphorical cutting room floor, are 10 such details that deserve a proper heiring.

1. He’s fit. Several of the Prince’s friends complained about the difficulties of keeping up with him when they go hiking together. At 64, he’s still always king of the mountain, arriving at the highest peak first. He suffers from a bad back, but to alleviate the symptoms gets up early every morning to perform a rigorous series of exercises. “Occasionally in the Royal Train you hear a frightful…

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